We Help Indigenous Entrepreneurs Succeed

by Supporting their Communities




At INDIGENEXT, we’re on a mission to fast-track the potential of Indigenous businesses that aim to lead, not follow or play catch-up. Our focus is on “leapfrog” companies, that stand out by:

 Leveraging Indigenous Ways of Being: We firmly believe that the relationship between Indigenous businesses, the land, and their communities is a source of unparalleled strength. We empower businesses to utilize this unique foundation to create a competitive edge.

 Seizing Global Market Opportunities: We’re passionate about helping Indigenous businesses tap into national and global market opportunities. Through the fusion of traditional wisdom and cutting-edge technology, we position these businesses on the world stage.

Balancing Economic Development: INDIGENEXT is dedicated to achieving the equilibrium between economic development, Indigenous entrepreneurship and the community entwined with that entrepreneur. We understand that true prosperity must weave these needs together.

We help connect the vision of growth and community balance with opportunities, partners, mentors, and investors. Our team is a blend of financiers, project managers, coders, master storytellers and tech-savvy strategists, individuals deeply immersed in both the business world and the realm of social impact. We appreciate the transformative power of visibility and advocacy, understanding that every story has the potential to change lives and communities. We are proud of the fact that we are members of the communities we have served and become lifetime partners. 

Join us in our journey to accelerate Indigenous business excellence. Together, we’re creating a world where tradition and innovation walk hand in hand, where Indigenous communities flourish, and where every success story is a beacon of hope for others.