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July 1, 2021

Statement From The Indigenext Team

Residential School Message

Indigenext would like to express our deepest sorrow following the discovery of the unmarked graves on the Indian Residential Schools in Canada. We offer our sympathies and condolences to the families and communities that have lost their loved ones and are now re-experiencing the loss of so many.

As we know personally, and from the testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, these sites are just the beginning of what will be discovered over the coming months and years.

Our own families share this hurt and pain ….many of our own parents and grandparents were at Indian Residential Schools.

We are asking our communities and our Elders for guidance in how best to respond to these recent revelations of longstanding knowledge. They have reminded us that our first priority is to listen. To be there for each other.

One of our dearest Elders asked that we should not just find our sadness, frustration and anger at these atrocities, we must also find our way back to our hope for each other, for our children and our grandchildren.

Perhaps someday we will find a path toward healing as well.

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