Duncan Kennedy, Managing Director

From Prince George BC, Duncan is of Metis descent. He began his career at Apple in Cupertino where he managed the QuickTime product line, Apple’s multimedia architecture and the foundation of modern digital video. At this job he worked with the team on the first webcast of the Grammys and the Sundance Film Festival. More recently Duncan has founded or taken a senior management role in several US and Canadian startups including Tribeworks, Thwapr, Audio Explosion, AWE, Mobifest, Debriefly, wot.io and Signoto. He graduated from the University of British Columbia.

Shane Kennedy, Director and Co-Founder

Shane Kennedy is president of Lone Pine Media Productions and Company’s Coming Publishing, one one of the largest general trade book publishers in Canada. Mr. Kennedy has been in book publishing for over forty years, thirtyfive in the current company.  He has written over 30 books, many of which have become bestsellers. He has made films in New Guinea, the Amazon, the high arctic, Borneo, the Dairen rainforest, Easter Island and the Andes. Shane has aboriginal heritage and was a co-founder of the Aboriginal Publishers Association of Canada.

James Delorme, Director

James  served as the elected Chief of Klahoose First Nation for three consecutive terms. In this role he also guided economic development for his nation with a focus on innovation as a swellspring of reconciliation.  The projects included Jimmy Creek, the largest green, run-of-river hydro project in Western Canada over the past decade and creation of cultural tourism business.  James has also served on the board of BC Assembly of First Nations, the Naut’sa Mawt Tribal Council and the Powell River Education Services Society. First People’s Cultural Foundation, and he has an extensive background in tourism, construction and the forest industry. His focus has always been to build capacity within his own community and strengthen strategic economic opportunities for Klahoose and other First Peoples

Bradley Shende, Partner

A Digital Storyteller and natural nerd-to-english translator. Bradley has been creating sustainable and transformational projects in different mediums for more than twenty year. As an analyst and commentator on technology and media trends for CTV, Global, CKNW, Discovery, and MSN.com he also reaches a global audience demystifying all things digital. He is a Sr. Faculty of the Digital Design and Development Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and is the Co-Founder of Canada’s first BIL Conference. He recently finished building the digital media property for APTN documenting the first all native production of Shakespeare in Canada.